March update!


Building a foundation!

I’m baaaaccckkkk!!

I Landed back in L.A on February,12 the 13th was my day off, and 14th with back to work! I had the whole half of the trailer to my self! till the next week! So that gave me a week to deep clean my half of the trailer till I got new house mates, which I was excited about!

So like I said I went back to work on the 13th, which I found out that my schedule changed which I dont mind at all. So instead of being in the office in the afternoons, I’m in them in the mornings and in the afternoons I’m on grounds. So for grounds I do the mowing,weed waking, pulling weeds, and other stuff to make the base look heavenly!

Being back is nothing last the previous 6 months, all those feelings that were coming against me arnt there, and I’m actually enjoying my time here! I’m getting out there more making friends! I think being home was good for me, being able to rest, and also getting to process with my friend was great, It helped a lot! Also seeing that I have a huge foundation in Winkler, that took 5 plus years to make, and coming here I dont have that foundation yet on the base, It takes time! (Thanks Mama G!) I’m also starting to like the office… I’m doing a lot of planning for March, which I’m so excited about! I’ll tell you all about it next month!

I just want to say thanks so much for praying for me! I can diffidently feel it being back on base! Like I said It’s not like before at all!

Love, Brandon

L.A was hard! Here’s why

Hey there!!

So in my other post I didn’t have my thoughts together, but I think I do now, so here they are.

So I came home Dec,10,2016 for 2 months for a few reasons, to renew my passport, to get more financial partners, and if I went right away I would have to leave in the middle of the summer, which is what I was planning for this last year.

Since being back I’ve been trying to be honest with folks when they asked me how the past 6 months has been for me. My response, HARD.

Before I get to my response, I do want to say I have loved being home for these 2 months, relaxing, enjoying Christmas, family, and processing the hardness of being in L.A.

Back to my response of being hard. I just sat down with a man, that reps Jesus hard! I really look up to him and admire him! Anyway we sat down a few days ago to process the hardness of L.A, and come up with 3 main reasons why it was so.

  1. Not needed in the same capacity:

Sounds harsh but it isn’t haha. Back in Winkler my leadership is needed more then in L.A. my position is completely different in L.A, I’ll get to that next point, but not being needed can mess with your whole being , if you allowed it to, which I guess I did. I often walked around thinking people didn’t like me,or wanted nothing to do with me. I spend many evenings alone, watching Netflix alone because I had all these negative thoughts going though my mind. So basically I isolated my self. All because I felt like I wasn’t needed

2.  Working in a position that’t not natural in my gifting:

This one sounds selfish, but It’s not, one could say well trust God he will give you the tools to make it natural, and yes he could, but God made me with certain gifts to make me me. So that being said office work isn’t me. I’m a people person I love people!! And folks that know me know that about me! So while I sit in a office for the afternoon in L.A that’s a challenge often feeling useless and like im not doing enough work.

3.  People who are in a different seasons of life then me.

This one I cant control I ain’t God, But this one is more for the time I spent in L.A in the summer. We had a team with a lot of couples on it, and i’m not saying that’s bad, it’s great! But i’m not in a relationship so It was tough trying to find something to do with other when they’re in a dating/marriage relationship. So me being a people person wanting to do something in my free time found it hard to do so.

So yea those are my thoughts and I believe that’s it. I’m not trying to sit here and complain about my time in L.A, but I just wanted to be honest/raw. I believe we live in a world that isn’t honest enough, but instead fake. Oh yea! All this pushed me closer to God, So I take that has a complement! I am where I am suppose to be!

Anyway I am going back to L.A on February 12, and I also go back to McDonald’s this Monday! YAY! people! haha but for real I’m thankful for  job that always takes me back when I’m home. Also be on the look out for a video i’ll be posting soon about living on support!


Prayer Request:

– That I take out time for quite time for the Father

– That I find a car to take back to L.A?!?

– That I can find more financial partners!


Thanks guys!!


Sorry about this…

This is my November post right? I think it is haha, As I’m typing this I’m sitting on my couch, while I got my friends record player playing Bing Cosby’s Christmas favorites! I have grown fond of this record! since it’s December!

I’m going to be competently honest with you, I have no idea what to share about this evening, I usually am sitting in a coffee shop in the afternoon! This environment is so different!! Ugh.

Anyway since I dont really have my thoughts together  yet from November, I guess I can tell you folks i’m coming home this Saturday on the 10th! I’m really excited! And I’ll be home for 2 months! So IF you guys wanna do coffee let me know for sure! I might have my thoughts together then ha!


Prayer requests:

1. I would finish this last week strong!


Love, Brandon


Me Being Me

Hey there!

I’m not sure what to to write right now, but I just got back from San Diego! The reasoning for this week long trip was to meet other MA staff though out north america, To pray and seek the Lord for a Theme for next summer’s MA! So folks from Tijuana, Knoxville,


The many MA Staff from other YWAM bases praying together!

Idaho, San Francisco and some other people meet up in San Diego to do so. This week was super encouraging for me! Hearing how other bases had hard summers as well really stood out to me, because it’s really easy to think your the only one going though hardships, when you going though it.



Anyway I cant believe its the end of October already. October has been a month that just slipped through my fingers, trying not to get to a place where my  days are stagnant, which is easy since I’m kinda on a 8-5 work place setting. In the morning i’m in the kitchen making Lunch for the base and in the after noon im in the office making phone calls to churches to see if they want to send their youth groups to our base next summer, and those afternoons in the office is getting hard sometimes, not seeing progress and leaving voice mail after voice mail not getting responses. I’m not trying to sit here and just complain to you guys, I’m just trying to be honest real with you. Every morning I wake up at 6 to go for a walk with my Creator and I ask him to give me his heart for MA, a passion to over come me, because I know all these phone calls will be all worth it when summer comes around when the students show up and everything will be ready to go!! I’m trying to keep that in my mind, the feature, the students! I think That’s all for now!

Prayer request! 

-God’s heart for Mission Adventures

-That the days wouldn’t be stagnant

Thanks you!



These are the awesome people I got to meet and spend time with in San Diego!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

I dont think it has hit me yet that I’m committed to serve for 2 years with YWAM L.A. It’s been 3 weeks since I left Winkler to do so, the first week we did staff training, and one thing that stuck out to me was mindsets, and how we can have a mindset of just serving for 2 years and then leaving or really just make it our home for the next 2 years and serving whole heartily and grabbing Gods heart while being here!

The second week was a bit slow, half or base was at a YWAM gathering, and schools haven’t started yet, but they do start in 6 days!! It’s weird i’m not staffing any school, yet i;m still excited! probably because Jesus is going to rock the students that are coming to the base!

And the third week has picked up a lot!(Because the other half of our base got back) A lot of planning for next summer! Planning also means sitting in a office! Which I thought would be tough,(I’m a extrovert, so I need to be around people to get energy) But I get to work with a small team to plan for next summer so that’s exciting!

Oh yea!! also those feelings I was struggling with of not fitting in, and loneliness are gone! When I came back on base they started to creep back one night and In my mind I was thinking “Not this time!” So I had a little counselling session and asked the lord to reveal the root issue, and instantly he did, he brought a memory up at the end of my DTS 3 years ago. One of the staff on base told me what her first impression of me was of me, and how I was annoying, how she wanted to punch me in the face, but now I have started walking like the man God attend me to be, but in my mind I was being the man God attend me to be so that’s where those thoughts stemmed from, but I forgave her in my heart right there! And from that day on it’s been good! meeting new people some friends some not.

Anyway I think that’s all!

Prayer Requests:

1. That I would get Gods heart for next summer!

2. That I would be intention with spending time with the Father







The way you end a season is the way you will begin the next.

What a _____ summer that was. I cant really think of a word that fits just perfect for the intro, so i’ll just leave it open for you to decide.

A very quick rundown on what I did this summer in Los Angeles, I was Mission Adventure staff with YWAM L.A, Mission Adventures is a week long program where youth groups come out, arriving Sunday where they have sessions on sharing the gospel and other Biblical teaching, and on Wednesday they pack up and go on outreach which was in south central, where they go to put what they learnt into practice and walk out their faith! So this summer we had teams go to Vince beach one day, where they evangelized, and Friday they went to skid row where they did a service for the homeless at a mission org., and feed them, and loved on them!

So that’s a small piece of of the summer I got to be apart of, But now from my personal view. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, I knew there were going to be youth which I love! But that’s all I knew going into the summer, oh yea also that it was going to be hot!! I didn’t know I was going to learn how to be a leader though a different perspective, where no one knows you, like they do back home, doesn’t sound hard, but for some reason it was for me. Struggling with feelings of “not fitting in” “loneliness” and “not feeling like myself” feeling that I have dealt with before now that i’m typing this out, but they manifested (came out alot) 100% stronger! But I keep serving and didn’t allow these feelings to consume me. You see the devil knows who I am and that I love meeting new people and i’m outgoing but, this summer I felt like I wasn’t either of those, satan knew I was following my Fathers calling for my life! So makes sense that he tries to attack me, But I didn’t let these feelings stop me from serving this summer at ywam, and for the next 2 years….

That being said! I got accepted!! to serve at ywam for 2 years!! The director said he was hearing good things about me, So a few weeks ago he told me I could staff full time if I wanted to, with a commitment to serve Mission Adventures for 1 year and leading DTS after. What does serving Mission Adventures for 1 year look like? well prepping for Mission Adventures so that means phoning church’s trying to get groups to come next year and planning who should come speak for the weeks and all that fun background work but I think i’m looking forward to it. Diffidently going to learn alot! It’s cool to see how God has been faithful thought out the summer and even when I started applying to staff DTS I took a step of faith when I went to Staff Mission Adventures, because I wasn’t accepted yet for full time staff but I remember knowing that I would be and having peace about going for the summer not knowing what was to come after. So all that being said I’m Still in need of a few more monthly supporters for 2 years, I’m asking for 50$ a month from 10 people, because the base recommends 500$ a month, and 325$ will be staff fees which includes housing and food, and the extra will be for cellphone and extra spending money. If you feel like the Lord is asking you to be a monthly support even for 1 year to see how it is, I ask you to email me at, so I can add you to the update list, and IF you want to make a one time donation you can click this link for further instructions! 

Thanks Bless you,